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    SANETEL Marine SOTM has provided great support in Navy Missions


        Having gone through extensive performance and stability tests, SANETEL stood out from many SATCOM products of various well-known brands and was appointed provider of many navy missions. In spite of the rough sea conditions and complex electromagnetic environments, SANETEL products have worked out with stable and excellent performance, providing high-quality SATCOM system to users.

        The core component of SANETEL’s marine SATCOM system is the innovative SOTM antenna of SANETEL S-Series. The Ku-band satellite communication antenna is developed to realize broadband mobile satellite communication for offshore and pelagic vessels and offshore platforms. It has a very reliable tracking platform that ensures automatic search, recognition, locking and precise tracking despite a tough sea condition. Reliable performance ensures continuous broadband data communications such as Internet access, E-mail,VOIP,VPN, Video Conference, Files exchange and more.

    Commanders observing the onsite situation transmitted by SANETEL Marine SOTM Antenna

    Officers and soldiers observing at the SANETEL Integrated Display Control terminals


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