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    Satellite Communication System Integration

        Satellite communication system can guarantee the celerity, accuracy and safety of setting up the communication network under serious circumstances such as lack of network infrastructure or ruined network infrastructure. SANETEL can provide satellite communication  system integration solution for customer.

    Integrated Vehicle Satellite Communication System

        Vehicle satellite emergency communication system is a communication command system based on satellite communication and combined with short wave and ultrashort wave in the short distance wireless communication, which immunes to the effects of natural condition of geography, weather, earthquake, flood, etc. and has high quality communication and reliability, excellence in fast reaction, effective in varieties problem of visualization command, control and communication in emergency.


    Integrated Marine Satellite Communication System

        The only way to access the Internet on the sea is to use the satellite communication system. SANETEL’s marine satellite communication system  provides low-cost solution of network seamless connection, realizing information contact between activities of voyage, marine rescue, marine resource exploration and exploitation, marine information collection, and ground network functions of internet surfing, video transmission, telephony and so on.



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