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    SANETEL Service

        SANETEL has a very professional service team. They are experienced, passionate, creative and motivated. All team members have Bachelor’s degree or above in communication or automation related majors, graduate from major domestic universities. Besides common after-sale service, they all have experience of giving support to many major military missions. We have deep understanding of customer service. Customers’ satisfaction is our greatest gratification and motivation.

    Team Value

        SANETEL Service work goes for “the heartiest service with integrity”. We continuously improve alone PDCA loop, doing our best to realize customers’ satisfaction.

    Services Provided

        Technology consultancy, Product demonstration, System integration, Device installation, Troubleshooting, Skill training, on-site support and hotline service.


        7*24*365 hot line service

        Response within 1 hour to maintenance requirements

        Remote instructions on operation problem, and on-site solution within 24 hours for complex problem


        7-24 service hot line: +86 400-999-1391

        E-mail:support@sanetel.com   (response within 24hours)


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