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    CCTV news covered on SANETEL SOTM products
    發布人: 日期:2014-05-21 】【打印 關閉

        21st May, when the 5th China Satellite Navigation Conference was at its opening, a news report,“SOTM--connector of Beidou and satellites”was broadcast on CCTV News Channel. It gave a detailed introduction on technical principles and wide applications of SANETEL SOTM products. It also played recorded clips of car SOTM antennas taking drive tests and marine antennas taking simulated sea condition tests.

        Before that, CCTV reporters visited our office in Beijing and interviewed holding company Starneto’s vice-president Li Guosheng.

        Here is the video link: http://tv.cntv.cn/video/C10450/20046d25801b4b81a14fe4a404e743b4



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